Monday, February 13, 2006

The Original Black Scene Spot

Black Scene: African American Media (
Black Scene originally started on msoy online. The official site includes a growing directory of Black Median Links and information about Black Movies, trailers, television shows, cartoons, and animation. I figured a static website just wasn't going to be enough to contain all the new Black Media Content that pops up every day, hence the creation of the Black Scene Blog. Hopefully this place can live up to its name and become a key resource for African Americans who are interested in fiding audio and video content that reflect our interests and issues.

Choice Black Scene Features from the original site:
  1. African American Movie Trailers
  2. African American Television: Sitcoms and Dramas
  3. Watch Black Films Online
  4. Watch Black Films On the Go!
  5. African American Cartoons

Visit Black Scene the Original Site, for up to date information about African American Cinema. Brought to you by Multiple Shades of You Online:

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